Centro Di Consulenza Sulla Relazione Scuola Di Counseling Sistemico Pluralista Corso Di Mediazione Familiare

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Gruppi di Formazione in Counseling SHINUI (ispirati a Matisse)

The three-year School of Systemic Pluralistic Counseling is one of the first schools started in Italy and promoted annually by the Center. The course, lasting three years, is 700 hours in total. The School cares constantly about the accreditation policies set by the counseling association (AssoCounseling) and it adapts to the requirements of the profession legislation in a national and European level.

Indeed, after Law 4/2013, which recognizes professional associations, in January we had the bond of an increase in hours to which we have immediately adapted.

Classes are held on Saturday from 09:30 to 17:30

Course is recognized by AssoCounseling