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Dania Paris

After many years experience as a personal assistant for senior management in an Italian multinational in the electrical engineering sector, in 2005 she joined Shinui, motivated by the desire to work closer to people, in the social and care sectors.

Since then, Dania has been responsible for managing the organizational and administrative secretariat and she is also the first point of contact for clients who come to the centre for information about training programs or requests for advice or treatment.

In these years, Dania has acquired not just office but also counseling skills to welcome and gently manage the complexity of the roles that run within Shinui: faculty staff, trainees, students, patients and clients, each with their own needs, their own demands.

To her professionalism (as the secretary, she has never missed a training seminar where she participates with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm), Dania adds the sensitivity, gentleness and tenderness, to a capacity of non-judgmental observation. Thanks to her, at the administrative and organizational level, everything functions smoothly, and the atmosphere at Shinui is always enjoyable, serene, and the entire community of students, graduates and staff feels like a family.