Centro Di Consulenza Sulla Relazione Scuola Di Counseling Sistemico Pluralista Corso Di Mediazione Familiare

Shinui Association - Course, Training, Counseling, Clinical Work, Research

Shinui was created in 2000 by Cecilia Edelstein, with a systemic multi-disciplinary group of care professionals. It focuses on two strands: Family and Interculture, sometimes separate, others inter-twined.

Thanks to its diversity of systemic training, the whole team has developed the Systemic Pluralistic approach, applicable in psychotherapy (including brief therapy), in counseling and in family mediation. The Centre undertakes clinical work, research and training activities, both on-site and at the customer premises: it collaborates with public and private entities, as well as the private social sector, and operates throughout Italy, and in certain cases, overseas.

Shinui proposes courses in counseling and family mediation that are recognised by the main professional associations and proposes a specialization training in interculture and migration that is unique in Italy.

Shinui also organises numerous professional events (seminars, workshops and conferences) that are open to all.