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In this section we present the publications connected to Shinui, because they are published by the association and are related to the approach developed by the team or to the activities of the center.

Below you will find information on new publications related to the systemic approach and the themes we are involved with. In the Download section (under the item “Archive”) you can find articles from professional journals, for which we have permission to publicize.  This is only available to the registered users.

Among the publications, you will find our Series:

“DIALOGHI E CONVERSAZIONI CON SHINUI” (Dialogues and conversations with Shinui)

Edited by Cecilia Edelstein.

The Series aims to gather and to make available the seminar material presented at Shinui by external experts.

Each volume consists of 60 pages and the edited contents reproduce the rhythm and the mood of the seminar, debates included. Each volume ends with a complete bibliography of the author and/or the debated theme.

The first issue of the series was created to document the day in 2002 spent with Salvador Minuchin, pioneer of Family Therapy. It is an accessible text, full of theoretical contents and reflections, useful to the Counseling School’s students, and also to professionals. This encouraged us to continue also with Luigi Boscolo and with Maurizio Andolfi.

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