Centro Di Consulenza Sulla Relazione Scuola Di Counseling Sistemico Pluralista Corso Di Mediazione Familiare

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The counseling courses aims (Edelstein, 2007):

  • to build desired changes in conflict situation and relationship difficulties, creating relief;
  • to help overcome crisis of transition, allowing growth and development;
  • to facilitate the development of traumatic or tragic events, creating spaces for new emotions;
  • to help within choices and decision-making, expanding horizons;
  • to accompany developmental and communication processes, improving the quality of life.

Shinui cares a lot about the support paths to parenthood, with particular reference to the quality of the relationship between parents and children, in all types of families, including foster, adoptive, patchwork (so-called "recomposed"), homosexuals, migrants and mixed .

The counseling meetings can be done within the Shinui Center, at home, or in other locations, depending on the situation. The place of the meetings is agreed with the clients.