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family mediation

The family mediation paths are most often aimed at couples and families undergoing separation or divorce, but also to families in various conflicts (conflicts between siblings in adulthood, disputes about inheritance issues, etc.), and have the aim of:

  • reach an agreement between the parties;
  • resolve in the best way the conflicts and contrasts;
  • process the emotions behind to experiences (such as bereavement in the separation, the pain of neglect, etc.);
  • changing relationship dynamics related to conflicts.

These pathways are initiated either with individuals, couples and families who come to the center voluntarily, either through submissions from lawyers who work with us, finally, with persons sent by the Court (the so-called "legal order mediation"). The latter, contrary to what is often believed, represents a great resource: become an opportunity for those "endless" disputes sometimes handled mainly by lawyers or for situations fed by past experiences not exceeded; allow, through processing, to overcome "gangrenous" situations and to build a better life.

Family mediation that Shinui offers can also be carried out between different countries: the mediators working in the center have broad international family mediation in experience and make use of media such as Skype to conduct meetings, often with one member of the couple Italy and one abroad.