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remedios varo trasmundoTrasmundo. Remedios Varo.
Maria de los Remedios Varo Uranga Alicia Rodriga
, better known as Remedios Varo, was a surrealist painter, born in Spain to Anglès, Gerona, on December 16, 1908 and died in Mexico City, October 8, 1963.

The research focuses on the experience of migrants regardless of their migration process. Initially we studied 100 stories of female immigrants and, later, it was extended to masculine narratives. It concerns the adult migrant population.


This qualitative research uses the narrative method; through the analysis of recorded video or audio conversation the experience of migrants emerges and provides a classification on the migration process. The collection of information was carried out through group work or individual interviews.


  • Studying the experience of women and men with their migratory process;
  • To explore the previous steps that lead to leaving the country of origin;
  • To carry out a comparative study of gender.


Lead Researcher, Coordinator: Cecilia Edelstein working with a group that includes members of Shinui and trainees.


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